Why Your Website Needs to be ADA Compliant

White Computer Keyboard with gray letters and 1 blue key with white wheel chair icon.

Inclusivity for improved customer engagement If you subscribe to any digital newsletter it’s likely that you have been reading about the increasing importance of website accessibility. So, is your website accessibly friendly? Can website visitors with cognitive, physical, and visual disabilities easily read & navigate your website? More specifically, can visitors perceive, understand, navigate, interact, […]

Are You Read for Google Analytics 4?

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In 2020, Google rolled out a new version of their analytics platform – Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Fast forward to March 2022, Google caused a stir for marketers when it announced it will be sunsetting Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics) in July 2023 (paid customers have until July 2024). WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Well, it […]